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Dirty Water Filters

Dirty Water Filters

Dirty Water Filters

We thought this would interesting to see the different pictures below of dirty water filters throughout Brisbane.

Redland Bay Reverse Osmosis filters hadn’t been changed in years due to being in a caravan. Wishart and Underwood Twin Under Sink filters were changed around 18months. A good reminder to ask us to add you to our database so we send an replacement reminder when your filters are due.

How Do Filters Work?

Water filtration is probably the most common method of purification for personal consumption, mainly because of its versatility and ease of use. Water filtration systems come in many forms and sizes, some of which are even portable. Most common water filtration systems are under sink water systems and refrigerators. In addition, Whole of House systems as well.

A standard micron size of 0.2 is small enough to block heavy metals such as lead and copper and large parasites such as Cryptosporidium, it will not block viruses. Australia has set standards for effective water filtration products so look for an NSF stamp when selecting a filter to purchase and a watermark logo on the water system.

WaterMark is a certification mark provided by independent certifying authorities. It confirms the product: meets relevant Australian Standards relating to product quality, including health and safety. Above all, a licensed plumber must install plumbing products. In accordance with state and territory plumbing regulations

Filtration systems use activated carbon and charcoal arranged in a cylindrical or round block. These highly porous materials easily adsorb contaminants from the water.  As water flows through the carbon, chemicals and contaminants stick to the carbon. Allowing pure water to flow to the filtration system’s basin.

Above all, filtration continues to be one of the most popular water purification systems because of its portability, affordability, durability. And ease of use.

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