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Gravity Urn

Gravity Urn

Stainless Steel Gravity Urn is compact, stylish and simple to operate. Above all, comes complete with 1 ultra Ceram 5″ filter removing fluoride.

Stores 12L and stands 230mm Wide x 580mm High. Packs down within itself to 230mm wide x 360mm high. Also comes with 3 rubber stoppers and an easy grip stainless steel handle. Making it easy to carry around when needed.

Perfect for travelling in locations with an unreliable supply of safe drinking water. It is the ideal solution for providing filtered water. Therefore take quality with you and have peace of mind that your drinking water is as clean as possible.

S-S Gravity Urn consists of two containers; the upper container is filled manually with untreated water, which then filters into the lower container. Passing through a number of ceramic candles that remove impurities.

Whether in the garden at home or camping with the family, this purifier allows you to take quality, healthy drinking water with you, wherever you go.

The urn can house 2, 3 or 4 ceramic filter candles  5″ inch, depending on water quality and fill rates. Whilst removing contaminants, they retain all of the healthy minerals so the whole family can enjoy clean water that’s full of natural goodness. You can replace the filters with just 2 Ceramic Dome Filters but they won’t remove fluoride.

In addition, it Effectively Removes –
Aluminium, Barium, Cadmium, Chlorine, Chromium, Copper, Cryptosporidium & Giardia, Cysts, e. Coli Bacteria, Fluoride, Heavy Metals. Hydrocarbons, Iron, Lead, Manganese, Mercury, Nitrate, PCB’s, Potassium. Radium, Sediment, Dirt & Rust, Selenium, Sodium, Taste & Odour

In other words, a gravity urn filter enables you to have clean filtered drinking water on tap.

Stainless Steel Gravity Urn Specs

  • Compact, portable and easy to operate
  • Flow rate up to 1 litres per hour*
  • Gravity fed, no power required
  • No mains water supply required
  • Long-life filter candles can be cleaned and reused for extended use
  • Proven protection against water-borne disease
  • Accommodates 2, 3 or 4 ceramic filter candles depending on water quality and fill rates
  • Removes >99.99% of common contaminants and filters out bacteria, cysts and particles from drinking water
  • 3 all natural rubber stoppers supplied with each unit
  • Easy grip, stainless steel handle on lid
  • Packs away within itself for easy storing at just 230W x 360H mm
  • Rubber, non-slip base

*depending on how many filters are being used is what flow rate it will have. This is with just 1 ultra ceram 5″ filter.

Therefore, the UltraCeram® Filter Candle even removes Fluoride from your water supply!

Dimensions 230W x 530H
Filter output 2,000 litres*
Max flow rate 1 litre per hour
Micron rating 0.5 micron absolute
  • *It is recommended that the filter cartridge be replaced every 6-12 months according to water quality and usage.
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