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How to service twin undersink water filter system

How to service twin undersink water filter system

How to service twin undersink water filter system

Advantages of Undersink Water Filter System are many. They save space on the kitchen bench while giving you an unlimited supply of chilled filtered water. They are also cost effective and the filters are easy to replace. The under sink water filter system needs to be installed by a licensed plumber, but well worth the process.

Find out more about undersink water filter system and the advantages of having one here.


Instructions for Cleaning, Servicing and Sterilising

How to service twin undersink

Steps 1-12

1. Turn off water supply tap to filtration unit from underneath sink, by tracing tube(usually white) from IN inlet on Sediment housing back to the isolation valve. (Dishwasher tap, T-piece / Mini Stop Cock, Self Piercing valve, etc. As a last resort turn off Mains water).
2. Open filtered water tap on top of sink to relieve water pressure (and prove water supply is indeed turned off). Turn faucet off.
3. Disconnect the Inlet and Outlet tubes (connected by either John Guest fittings or by Jayco fittings – see attached).
4. Remove the twin system unit still mounted to its bracket from the wall by lifting it over the keyhole slots , then place it on the kitchen sink, to avoid water damage under the sink.
5. Unscrew the white plastic housings from their lids
ANTI CLOCKWISE from the bottom. If need be use a Housing Spanner (available from us for most housings)
6. Remove the old filter cartridges (Sediment & Chemical or Carbon) and discard them, but remember which housing had which type of filter (usually Sediment on the left and Carbon/Chemical on right).
7. Clean & sterilise the housings and lids using a paint brush and/or bottle brush, combined with a suitable steriliser to remove any built-up grime (Chlorine, Bleach, Milton, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Metabisulphite, etc diluted with water).
8. Lubricate the black “O” Rings inside both housings using a food grade lubricant (Vaseline, Olive oil, etc). We have tubes of Gel available as well.
9. Insert the new filter cartridges and reassemble housings. Ensure the sediment filter is in the housing that filters the water first. Hand-tight only when tightening housings.
10. Wipe the housings down with a rag or cloth and reinstall the main filter unit back under the sink by lifting it onto the keyhole slots, and connect the white (or yellow) tubing to the sediment housing and the blue tubing to the chemical housing.
11. Turn filtered water faucet back on up on sink.
12. Turn on water supply to filtration unit, and flush new filters for 2-3 minutes or until water is clear, and all air bubbles are gone.


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