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Installation Instructions for Benchtop Water Filters

Installation Instructions for Benchtop Water Filters

Installation Instructions for Benchtop Water Filters come with a diverter valve that attaches directly to the spout on your faucet.

Connection to the tap outlet with an easily attachable diverter valve means no permanent modifications to your existing setup!

We have some super deals on these Benchtop Water Filter Systems. Some will remove dirt, rust and chlorine. Others will remove fluoride just like a reverse osmosis with NO water waste.

Benchtop Water Filter Systems

These little systems are perfect on Mains water if you are renting or needing the filter system to be portable. Some of these will even do caravans and camper vans too. Let us know what you are looking for, we would love to help. Ends up being half a size of an A4 piece of paper for a twin, a quarter for a single!

In addition, are perfect for renters, uni students and elderly and are super easy and quick to set up.

Things to note when installing a Benchtop Water Filter System

Step 1 Diverter Valve

Benchtop Diverter valve

If your spout has an aerator, unscrew it, then connect the diverter valve to your spout (using the adaptor provided if required).

Step 2 Attach valve to faucet

Installation Instructions for Benchtop

 Once you have attached the diverter to the faucet, flush water through the filter unit for approximately 1 minute.

After that, once air bubbles and water flow settles, you can then start enjoying clean healthy water.

Depending on the quality of your water, it is recommended that filter cartridges are replaced every 6 – 12 months (for Sediment filters). 12 months for Carbon or Chemical filters or when taste and or odour issues arise in other words.

In conclusion, Installation Instructions for Benchtop

Replacement cartridges are available through:

Give us a call on 0436 270 000 if you have problems installing your Benchtop Water Filter System.