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Installation Undersink Water Filter System

Installation Undersink Water Filter System

Installation of Undersink Water Filter System- Single and Twin.

Under Sink Water Filter Mains systems range from single and twin under sink systems and many stages of reverse osmosis’s.

Keep in mind you can do a twin under sink with a fluoride and carbon filter



For correct operation of this appliance it is essential to observe the manufacturer’s instructions. This system is not UV resistant. Install only out of direct sunlight.

This system must be mounted in a vertical position and must be positioned to allow access for service and filter cartridge changing. At the same time, the assembly should be relatively near the faucet to maximise flow rate. On fittings where thread tape is required, we recommend 6 full rounds of thread tape per thread. Water Tubing (hose) should be cut with a sharp, clean knife in a straight line to ensure correct seating into the quick connect fittings/components.


Once installation is complete the installer should inspect for leaks.


Installation of Water Supply Connector

Any connection put into a mains supply should be done by a licensed plumber.

  • Turn off the water connection under your sink or the main water supply. Open the tap to release the pressure.  The PLV (When supplied) is an inline application. Place the PLV inline from the water supply to the first filter. This will provide 350 kpa protection to the filter system.


(Refer to the picture provided below that shows the chrome adaptor block with the brass ball valve tap screwed into it – then leading to a PLV if supplied)

Installation Undersink Water Filter

Parts & Components may vary. This picture is for display purposes only.

Working with Quick Connect Fittings

Quick connect fittings are very quick and extremely easy to use once you know how. Ensure all water tubing is cut with a clean straight edge so it does not damage the quick connect fitting once inserted. To install simply push the water line firmly into the quick connect fitting. To remove water line from quick connect fitting simply depress the outer collar on the fitting and pull the water line out. If you do not depress the collar you WILL NOT remove the water line.

how to installhow to install

Note: Parts and components will vary. These pictures are for display purposes only.


Mounting the Purification System

  1. Mark screw locations at the desired positions. Use the two holes on back of purification assembly mounting bracket for marker guides.
  1. Screw wood screws – Not supplied with unit, into marked positions. Leave screw heads out a little.
  1. Mount purification system onto screws.

Installation of Faucet

  1. Using a small drill bit, drill a pilot hole.
  1. Using the 10mm drill bit, drill a hole through the base metal. Operate the drill

slowly and carefully, especially when the

drill is about to penetrate the metal. If necessary use a drop or two of oil in the hole.

  1. Mount the sink top faucet in the hole and using an adjustable wrench (or hand) to hold the faucet, tighten the 9/16″ nut.
  2. Connect the tube from the outlet side of the twin system (this is the carbon cartridge side of the twin system) to the faucet.


 Start Up Procedure:

  1. With everything connected, turn on the water check for leaks. Let the water run for at least 2-3 minutes. This flushes the carbon filters on first time use.
  2. Close the sink top faucet. Check the system for leaks.

The Installation Undersink Water Filter system is now ready for use.


Caution For Your Safety

Change filters regularly every 6 to 12 months. Use only cartridges suitable for this appliance. (10” x 2.5”)

Flush system for 5 minutes after a period of non-use exceeding 30 days.



Filters should be changed every 12 months at the latest or 8 000 litres. Not changing your filters regularly can cause bacteria to grow and contaminate the water.


Sediment and Carbon Filters

  1. Turn inline ball valve off.
  1. Open faucet to help de-pressurize system.
    Note: Lay a towel down to catch any small water spillage.


  1. Unscrew filter housings by turning counter clockwise.
  1. Remove old filters and discard. Then follow sanitizing procedure.
  1. Insert new filters into appropriate housings.
  1. Replace “O” rings as necessary. Be sure “O” ring is clean, lubricated and sealed properly when tightening. Never use Vaseline or any other petroleum based sealant. It may breakdown the “O” ring or the seat of the filter housing and cause a failure (leak).
  1. Flush the system for 5 – 10 minutes to get rid of any carbon fines. Then follow normal system start up procedures.


The best time to sanitize is when changing the filters. It is recommended to sanitize the whole system a minimum of once a year.


  1. Shut off water inlet tap valve. Remove old filters. We recommend you use a product called HydraSil Water Sanitizer. It is a food grade water sanitizer. Follow the sanitizer instructions and place liquid into each of the empty filter housings. Reassemble the filter housings without filters.
  1. Turn water supply back on to about 30% of maximum flow rate.
  1. Shut off water supply. Let entire system sit for about 2 hours to thoroughly sanitize.
  1. Shut off the incoming tap valve.
  1. Open faucet to release pressure. Turn on inlet water at ball valve. Flush the system for 10 – 15 minutes.


Production rate 1.5 Lpm for best results.



Chlorine Over 95%                                         Herbicides Over 95%

Pesticides Over 95%                                       DDT Over 95%

Endrin Over 95%                                            Lindane Over 95%

Aldrin Over 95%                                             Benzene Over 95%

VOCs Over 95%                                              Adrazin Over 95%

Fluorathene Over 95%                                   Phenol Over 95%

Trihalomethanes Over 95%                            Toxaphene Over 95%

Dichloromethane Over 95%                           Chloroform Over 95%

Trichlorethylene Over 95%                             Perchlorethylene Over 95%

Tannic Acids Over 95%                                   Cryptosporidium Over 99%

950PL Only

Giardia Cysts Over 99%                                  Lead To 2000 Gallons

CAUTION: Do not use with water that is Microbiologically unsafe or with water of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. Systems certified for cyst reduction may be used on disinfected water that may contain filterable cysts.


If you require any assistance with the Installation Undersink Water Filter system, please don’t hesitate to call us 0436 270 000