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Local Support at any time. Therefore we are here to assist you if you have a leak, not sure how to install your system etc. Offering our guideness and knowledge.

We are an Australian Family owned Business. Based on the Southside of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

We have over 10 years experience in water filtration in the Brisbane area. With the online business (now been running over 2 years),we have new and repeated business increasing.

For instance contact us with a question. If we cannot answer immediately, we will do our best to investigate further, and get back to you

However on the website, if you don’t see something you’re after, provide us with as much detail as possible of the item. We will endeavor to either get the same item or a good-quality equivalent for you.

Most importantly, we use Australian suppliers, based in Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Newcastle – all supplying quality goods

Similarly, if you require any assistance with installation of your water filter, please don’t hesitate to call us or email us. Check out the installations guides.


For any undersink water systems or reverse osmosis’s systems, plumbers or any qualified handyman to install. For Benchtop systems instructions, you can easily install them yourself.

In other words our general information will give you some tips and suggestions.

To conclude, if these tips haven’t help at all, contact us and we will assist.

Similarly, if you require any Local Support with installation of your water filter, please don’t hesitate to call us 0436 270 000 or email us
Check out the installations guides.

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions Reverse Osmosis

Installation Instructions Reverse Osmosis 4 to 6 Stages Although the 4 to 6 stage systems may appear different, the install is exactly the same on all systems. BRIEF TECHNICAL ASPECT OF THE WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the heart of the purification system, The RO process uses semi-permeable spiral-wound membranes to separate and […]

Installation Instructions for Benchtop Water Filters

Installation Instructions for Benchtop Water Filters come with a diverter valve that attaches directly to the spout on your faucet. Connection to the tap outlet with an easily attachable diverter valve means no permanent modifications to your existing setup!

Installation Undersink Water Filter System

Installation of Undersink Water Filter System- Single and Twin.
Under Sink Water Filter Mains systems range from single and twin under sink systems and many stages of reverse osmosis’s.
Keep in mind you can do a twin under sink with a fluoride and carbon filter

General Information

Gravity Urn

Stainless Steel Gravity Urn is compact, stylish and simple to operate. Above all, comes complete with 1 ultra Ceram 5″ filter removing fluoride. Stores 12L and stands 230mm Wide x 580mm High. Packs down within itself to 230mm wide x 360mm high. Also comes with 3 rubber stoppers and an easy grip stainless steel handle. Making […]

House Filter System flush

House Filter System flush House Filter System flush is a handy tip if you have whole of house system and you are going away for a certain amount of time. Cleans your pipes out for your whole of house system. A build-up of Biofilm is possible on a Whole of House Filter System that removes […]

Advantages of Undersink Water Filter System

Advantages of Undersink Water Filter System are many. They save space on the kitchen bench while giving you an unlimited supply of chilled filtered water. They are also cost effective and the filters are easy to replace. The under sink water filter system needs to be installed by a licensed plumber, but well worth the process. Click here to find out how to service a undersink water filter system yourself, easy as.