Benchtop Water Filter Systems

Benchtop Water Filter Systems- these little systems are perfect on Mains water if you are renting or needing the filter system to be portable. Some of these will even do caravans and campervans too. Let us know what you are looking for, we would love to help.

We have some super deals on these Benchtop Water Filter Systems. Some will remove dirt, rust and chlorine. Others will remove fluoride just like a reverse osmosis with NO water waste.

We have twin and single benchtop systems, benchtop reverse osmosis, gravity urn and portable water purifiers.

They are perfect for renters, uni students and elderly and are super easy and quick to set up.

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Counter Top Reverse Osmosis System in carry case. Removes Chlorine & Fluoride...

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Benchtop Single Special

Benchtop Single System- Complete system with 1 micron carbon filter In White...

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Benchtop Twin Water Filter

Complete Benchtop Twin Water Filter with 1micron poly sediment and 1micron carbon....

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Fluoride Twin Benchtop System

Fluoride Twin Benchtop System including filters, spanner, adaptor and tubing....

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Single Counter Top System – with 0.5 micron PENTEK carbon filter In White...

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12L Stand alone Water Purifier

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10″ Benchtop Twin with Filters, Housing spanner and connectors

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Fits up to 4 ceramic 5″ filters. COMES WITH 1 ULTRA CERAM 5″ FLUORIDE...

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