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Bore Water Systems

Bore Water Systems are for whole of house on tank water, bore water as well as mains water.

If 2 people reside in the house, the 10″x4.5″ size is perfect. 3 people or more reside in the house, the 20″x4.5″ is ideal. The 20″x4.5″ is more efficient and economical long term.

We suggest putting a UV filter on tank water/bore water so it gets rid of the harmful bacteria. It breaks down the cell wall of a micro-organism allowing oxidation to occur. Ultraviolet (UV) filtration is a chemical free solution to water sanitation creating no by products in the water.

Bore water comes from groundwater which in turn comes from rain that has naturally seeped into the ground and is stored in spaces between soil and rocks.

Water tanks is a container for storing water. Water tanks are used to provide storage of water for use in many applications such as drinking water etc.