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5" x 2.5"

5″x2.5″ Carbon Filters are useful for purifying water and purifying the air of contaminants.

5″x2.5″ Carbon Filters remove offending odors from pipes attached to home or on tank water.

Carbon Water Filters are commonly used for water purification for a range of systems. Whole of house on main, bore and tank water. To in fact, nearly every type of water filter system–whether it’s a backpacking water filter, refrigerator filter, shower filter, pitcher filter, reverse osmosis water filtration system or undersinks–utilizes carbon filtration in some way.

In water purification, activated carbon removes impurities and contaminants through the chemical process of adsorption. But it is used in a wide range of applications besides water filtration.

Above alla micron is short for micrometer or one millionth of a meter. Now that’s a very tiny unit of measure! The micron rating refers to the distance between pieces of filter media. This determines the size of particles that the filter will allow to pass through. In other words the lower the micron level of a filter. The more contaminants it can catch and purify from your water..

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AquaPro GAC Carbon 5"

AquaPro GAC Carbon 5″ x 2.5″- 5 micron. Chlorine, taste & odour...

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Matrikx PB1 Carbon 5"

Matrikx PB1 Carbon 5″ x 2.5″

0.5 mic nominal filtration

Lead, Cyst...

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