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ZIP Water Filters

ZIP Water Filters

We stock a range of ZIP Original and Compatible replacement water filters. ZIP are world leaders in residential and commercial undersink boiling/chilled water systems.

Most importantly when replacing these cartridges, you must prepare for water spilling out and there’s usually some contact with used filter material.

In addition you may need a water filter spanner or other tools to open the filter housing and get to the cartridge itself. Then you may need to sanitise the filter housing when replacing the cartridge.

A quick-change cartridge is replaceable in its entirety without having to separate the cartridge from the filter housing.

This not only makes it easier to replace the cartridge, but you don’t need to deal with water spilling out or touching used filter media.

Therefore making ZIP Water Filters affordable, easy to manipulate. And offer a safe and clean filter changeover experience.

In conclusion give the team from Aquaboss Water Filters a call on 0436 270 000. Contact us if you need any assistance.
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