Tank Water/Bore Water Systems

Tank Water and Bore Water Systems

These Tank Water/Bore Water Systems systems are for all whole of house on tank water and bore. If you have under 2people, the 10″x4.5″ size would suit… anything over 3people, the 20″x4.5″ is perfect. Ideally the 20″x4.5″ is more efficient long term.

We also suggest putting a UV filter on too, as it gets rid of the harmful bacteria of all sorts. It breaks down the cell wall of a micro-organism allowing oxidation to occur. Ultraviolet filtration is a chemical free solution to water sanitation creating no by products in the water.


Twin Big Blue 10″ x 4.5″ Whole House System W/M Cert,US Patent, NSF 61,Twin O-Ring...

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Big Blue Twin Whole House System. Twin O-Ring. White Bracket “WaterMark”...

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