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6Stage Portable Purifier- 12L


6Stage Portable Purifier- 12L

Gravity Fed- Bench Top Water Purifier, Balanced...

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6Stage Portable Purifier

Gravity Fed- Bench Top Water Purifier, Balanced Alkaline pH

12 Litre Filtered Water Storage Capacity

Perfect for renters, uni students and elderly or in a office area and also are super easy and quick to set up.  Will also suit family BBQ’s and summer time with family.

In addition, we have a replacement 3pack-12L  for convenience. All 3 filters should be replaced 6-9months.

The gravity urn will remove fluoride where as the 6Stage Portable Purifier 12L doesn’t.

Above all, keep the system out of direct sunlight.
Similarly ways for portable options are twin and single benchtop systems, benchtop reverse osmosis and a gravity urn here.

6Stage Portable Purifier Detailed Description


Advanced and professional concept of the design with the forming principle of natural mineral water

6 Stage Water Filtration System.

Ceramic Filter, Activated Carbon, Bio-Ceramic Mineral Ball, Zeolite, Mineral Sand, and Mineral Stone.

These combined stages promise you highly purified, crisp water. (See bottom of listing for breakdown of the individual stages). Does Not remove fluoride.

Because it is User friendly, it’s easy to install and clean. Therefore sets up in minutes. Also when replacing filters, give everything a wipe down with just warm soapy water

Add the balance of the mineral element and maintain alkaline – makes water much more beneficial for our bodies

Increase dissolved Oxygen and remove excess acid wastage – improving the function of our metabolism

Suitable for personal use, household use or office use with the large 12 Lt capacity

Water-Outlet speed: 0.2-0.3L/min. However Cold water use only.

Total water-Outlet Capacity: 5000L Or 6 Monthly cartridge replacement

Breakdown of the Individual Stages

  1. Stages- Ceramic Filter
    The main component of this filter consists of highly compressed ceramic diatom. This initial filtration stage is present to ensure that our water is free from sediments, solid impurities and other dangerous water born bacteria such as:
    Amoeba etc
    This component is manufactured by subjecting it through extremely high temperatures to ensure a perfect mold. After which, it undergoes the strictest quality control to bring out a superior filter.
  2. Silver Activated Carbon
    This stage of the filtration system removes Chlorine, THM, Organic Chemicals, and other unpleasant odours and discolorations
  3. FAR Infrared Bio-Ceramic Mineral Balls-
    To activate water molecules and enrich mineral water
  4. Silica Sand
    Removes acidic components from the water and thereby brings about a pH balance.
  5. Mineral Sand
    This component releases various minerals, which are badly needed by our bodies. Adjusts the pH . Because it enables the water to convert into mild alkaline. Which in turn allows us to restore the pH levels of our other bodily fluids.

After that, Stage 6: Mineral Stone
These stones are mined several hundred meters below sea level in an unpolluted and isolated island in Korea. These stones contain Germanium, which promotes good health and helps in preventing cancer. This substance also absorbs heavy metals, toxins, odours and other impurities, while simultaneously releasing more than 30 other kinds of minerals. This highly porous mineral stone significantly aids in the oxygenation of water and in adjusting the pH levels of the water to mild alkaline.

In conclusion

You can enjoy clean water, have it portable by using it anywhere you want. Also saving money by using this portable purifier and not bottled water.

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