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Ceramic 0.9 to 0.4micron cartridge


Ceramic 0.9 to 0.4micron cartridge. Cartridge is a 0.9 micron rating on the outside...

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Ceramic 0.9 to 0.4micron cartridge. That is to say the 0.9 micron rating on the outside & filters down to 0.4 on the inside.

Firstly, it’s full size allows better flow & sub 1 micron filtering.

Ceramic 0.9 to 0.4micron does almost everything (except remove Fluoride) and you can clean and re-use this filter cartridge.

Secondly, Caravanners like fine filtration. Just clean it down, & away you go again. Counter top filters on tank water. Tank water requires at least a 0.5 micron rating. The versatility of the applications, and the ability to remove both sediment and chemical, make this cartridge a superb solution to almost every situation.

Size: 10″ x 2.5″
Type: Ceramic
Rating: 0.9 to 0.4micron

Therefore this Ceramic 0.9 to 0.4micron cartridge is by far the best value ceramic cartridge. Because it’s full size allows better flow and sub 1 micron filtering which is what’s needed for Giardia protection.

Performance Specs

  • Particulate Reduction: Class 1
  • Cyst Reduction: >99.99%
  • Turbidity Reduction: >99.69%
  • Flow Rate: 1.05 GPM (us gallons @ 45 PSI)
  • Flow Rate: 3.92 LPM (litres @ 3 bar)
  • Absolute Filtration: 0.4 – 0.9 microns: >99.99%

Thirdly and most importantly, the versatility and the ability to clean and re-use this Ceramic 0.9 to 0.4micron cartridge makes it a  better buy than all the expensive US brand name carbon cartridges, which cannot be cleaned and re-used.

Above all, it fits all standard 10″ housings). The cartridge length is 250mm – which is the standard Australian size.

Benefits & Features:

Absolute Filtration to 1 micron
Removes: Algae, Rust, Sediment, Suspended Solids
Inhibits the growth & reduces the following harmful bacteria by a rate better than 99.99%
E-coli, Cholera, Shigella, Salmonella, Klebsiella
Reduces Cryptosporidium by 99.999%
Reduces Giardia & other Cysts by 99.999%

In short, it is verified by testing Compliant to NSF/ANSI 42 & 53

Absolute Filtration to 0.9 microns: >99.99%
Reduces Harmful Bacteria (such as E Coli, Cholera, Shigella, Salmonella, Klebsiella) to: >99.99%

Removes Guinea Worm
Reduces Turbidity
Ideally suited for applications where mains pressure is low, or gravity filter applications
Self Sterilizing – does NOT require boiling

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