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DI Resin Inline Filter

DI Resin Inline Filter when used as a Post RO final filter, will leave the mineral...

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DI Resin Inline Filter (or Mixed Bed Resin) is used as a Post RO final filter, will leave the mineral TDS reading at “0”.
Suitable for Post Reverse Osmosis units and also refillable.

Fits Standard 10″ x 2.5″ Filter Housings

A DI Resin (or Mixed Bed Resin ) Filter is ideal for use in Dental Autoclaves ,Sterilizers, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Cosmetics, and Circuit Board Printing applications, to name a few.

Used in applications where water comes in contact with living organisms. Such as fish breeding and potable water applications. And where low TOC Total Organic Carbon) and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels are required.

Made from high grade nuclear anion and cation resins that will reduce the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) from the water supply. Should produce a water quality between 12-18 Megohms.

Designed to produce Ultra-Pure water either on their own or in combination with carbon or after a Reverse Osmosis system.

100% resin media machine packed and pre-tensioned providing much higher treated volumes (between 60-90%) than the cheaper hand packed refillable cartridges.

Purchased as required or stored for short periods in a cool cupboard.

The cartridges come heavily shrink-wrapped to retain moisture. If the resin dries out it is no longer viable.

Fits into most standard 10” housings.

10” x 2.5” Cartridge Specs

  • DI Resin Inline Filter Dimensions; 248mm x 80mm (74mm at slim end)
  • Weight; 0.8kg
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