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Fluoride Twin Benchtop System


Fluoride Twin Benchtop System including filters, spanner, adaptor and tubing....


Fluoride Twin Benchtop System including filters- comes with a AquaMetix AMB975 cartridge plus a PB1 carbon filter.

Effectively removes of 97% of fluoride and other unwanted chemicals within your water supply.

Comes with tubing, spanner and easy to read installations instructions.

Fluoride Twin Benchtop System fits onto your kitchen tap spout or mixer, it allows you to change from filtered water to washing up water with the turn of a lever- easy as.

  • Both combined will reduce Dirt, Mud, Slime, Algae, Rust, Fibres, Toxins, Solvents, Pesticides, Herbicides, Chloroform, Chemicals. Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Lead, Heavy Metals and many more contaminants.
  • Replace both filters every 1900 litres or 12 months depending on your water quality.
  • Replacement packs (for 2 filters) AB-RP-FLUORIDE0.5m.

This system can be installed yourself.

Convenient great tasting water “On Tap” in your own kitchen so you will never need to boil your drinking water or buy bottled drinking water ever again. Perfect for when you are renting or needing it portable too.

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