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Housing-Gauge-KIT for Membrane Housing 1/8″


A Reverse Osmosis Pressure Gauge Kit will take the guess-work out of when to change...

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  • Pressure: 0 – 160 PSI
  • Size: 1/8inch
  • A Housing-Gauge-KIT will take the guess-work out of when to change your filters.

The kit will tell you the PSI of the water as it enters your Reverse Osmosis membrane housing only.

They are also helpful in monitoring your incoming water pressure, internal unit pressure & when to replace the filters.

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It is used to make measurements or in order to display certain dimensional information. In other words, to measure or test.

Please take care when installing the gauges, please apply plumbers thread tape only to the gauge thread. Tighten taking extra care the threads have not been crossed. Tighten gauges until tight. If any gauges threads seem to be a tight fit simply turn the gauge forward as far as possible without to much force, then turn the gauge back the other way to untighten, then turn the gauge forward again until you have the gauge installed as required. DO NOT use any form of sealants on the gauge threads.

The verb gauge means to estimate or measure, while the noun gauge is a tool you can use to make such a measurement. The thickness, or diameter, of an item like wire (or the barrel of a gun) is another meaning of gauge.

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