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Inline Poly Phosphate Antiscale


Inline Poly Phosphate Antiscale P-808 reduces the content of calcium and magnesium...

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Inline Poly Phosphate Antiscale is a 5″ inline with 3/4″ ports in & out

Magnum P-808 Lime Pre filter

Durable polyphosphate filter lasts for months depending on the water condition and application.
Ideal for protecting equipment from limescale deposits.

The Inline Poly Phosphate Antiscale does not remove deposits, but prevents the deposits from combining to stop the build-up of deposits.
Applications include hot water systems in caravans and motorhomes, washing machines, etc.

Also suitable for slowly letting the water into your hot tub.
For this purpose, however, the flow rate should be greatly throttled.

High flow rate of about 36 l / min without pressure drop.
The filter has a 3/4″ bsp female thread inlet and a 3/4″ male thread outlet.

  • Total length of filters including all connections.
    Filter without connections 182 mm x 50 mm
    These filters fit on the 50 mm plastic mounting clips.
  • Scope of delivery
    1x filter P-808 with quick coupling for your garden hose.

Inline Poly Phosphate Antiscale is nice to use in conjunction with a dishwasher and/or washing machine if you have water with a high content of calcium salts and magnesium salts – what is often defined as “hard water”. The polyphosphate filter reduces the content of calcium and magnesium salts in the water.

How does the Inline Poly Phosphate Antiscale actually work?

Inline Poly Phosphate Antiscale polyphosphate filter contains polyphosphates. These are phosphates derived from polyphosphoric acids. They are used, among other things, for soaking hard water. Some polyphosphates are also used in the food industry and as an additive to detergents.

The polyphosphates in the filter bind the calcium and magnesium ions in the water in the form of stable, soluble complex compounds. This prevents limescale deposits and can help protect and extend the life of the dishwasher, washing machine and other water-related equipment.

Inline Poly Phosphate Antiscale has a duration of approx. 1 year before it needs to be replaced.

How to install Inline Poly Phosphate Antiscale?

Inline Poly Phosphate Antiscale Polyphosphate filter has standard 3/4′ coupling at both ends. The filter is mounted between the dishwasher or washing machine faucet and the water hose.

What exactly is hard water?

Water that occurs in nature contains a wide variety of different compounds and ions. Besides released gases such as air and carbon dioxide, the water contains a variety of salts and other compounds that it has taken up from mountains and soils – including chlorides, sulfates and hydrogen carbonates of sodium, calcium and magnesium.

Water is referred to as “hard” when it has a high content of mineral salts – and the hardness is almost exclusively from the calcium and magnesium salts. When boiling and other heating of the water, deposits occur in the form of coke stones. In contact with soap, heavily soluble compounds are formed, which prevent the soap from foaming when the water is hard.

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