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LG Fridge Filter ADQ7369939


LG Fridge Filter ADQ7369939- External Inline Filter. Push in Connection 1/4″...

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LG Fridge Filter ADQ7369939

  • External Inline Filter
  • Push in Connection 1/4″ Fits all LG external Fridge Filters
  • This is LG Genuine Part from LG Electronics Australia

This filter can also be replaced by the Omnipure-K2540-JJ inline filter, or any good-quality slimline carbon filter.

Which LG refrigerator uses the ADQ73693901?

The genuine LG branded ADQ73693901 is suitable for LG external Fridge Filters. These filters are simple and easy to remove and replace. The ADQ73693901 is compatible with the following LG refrigerators:

  • ARWF6755 / ADQ73693901 / 3650JD8050A
  • GR-P197NIS,GR-P197WVS,GR-P227STG,5231JA2010C,5231JA2010A,3219JA3001E,3219JA3001P,5231JA2003B,5231JA2012A,5231JA2012B


Refrigerator manufacturers strongly recommend that LG fridge water filters are replaced every 6 months. As soon as the ‘change filter’ light appears either on the front display panel or near the filter cartridge casing in your refrigerator you should change the water and ice purifier. However, if you notice that the clarity or the taste of your water has changed, this is an indication that it is time for a new water filter. Replacing when this occurs ensures that your water remains fresh and that the ice and water mechanisms in your fridge are protected from any corrosion.


  • Open both doors.
  • Remove the top shelf in your fridge to make room to be able to remove the filter.
  • On the filter housing, you will see the word PUSH. Push slightly on both sides, with your thumb and index finger and the housing will open.
  • Push the filter downwards, and then pull out and discard.
  • To install the new filter, first make sure that the two O-rings are intact.
  • Insert the new filter into the filter housing, push in and all the way up until you hear and feel it click into place.
  • Finally, replace the top shelf in your fridge.

Once replaced, we suggest flushing it for a couple of minutes.

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