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Membrane Housing- Standard size


Membrane Housing-Standard size. This holds the membrane filter. Mostly in under...

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Membrane Housing-Standard size. You will mostly see them in under sink or wall hanging reverse osmosis’s. This housing holds the membrane filter. When you replace the filters- you should wash out the housings, therefore you should get at least 10years or more.

The filters that you use are either 50 GPD CSM Membrane, 80 GPD CSM Membrane or 100 GPG Membrane.

You should get 4 years out of these filters. They are used with 1/4inch tubing (6mm).

Can be mounted either on a slimline filter or the mounting bracket in varies positions. Ask us for more details.

However, reverse osmosis’s will need a plumber to install. Installation tips are in our blog section and also support.

In addition, you can get spare parts for all systems including faucets, connectors, housing O-rings. Spanners, pressure limiting valves and much more here

In conclusion, Our RO systems are certified to WaterMark Standards AS/NZS 3497. All products used under this certification will give you peace of mind knowing that your water filter complies with Australian plumbing codes.

Head to our blogs/news for more general information. You can find us at the markets too

If you require any assistance , please contact us on 0436 270 000

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