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OmniPure-CL10RO-T33 filter


OmniPure-CL10RO-T33 filter features granular activated carbon media that...

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OmniPure-CL10RO-T33 filter Inline Water Filter

Features granular activated carbon media. Reduces chlorine taste and odor in your drinking water. 5 Micron inline filter.

CL10RO Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) water filters offer installation instructions located directly on the filter. Makes it super quick to install and super easy!

The Omnipure CL10RO-T33 water filter replaces most inline 10″ x 2″ filters.

Firstly: Take note on the Flow direction arrow on the filter.

Secondly: Install John Guest fittings and hand tighten.

Thirdly: For quick connect fittings, push into the fitting as far as it goes. The built in mechanism will secure the tubing . Put plumbers tape on the threaded end on the John Guest fittings.

Lastly and most importantly: Flush out the new inline filter for around 10-15 seconds with mains pressure checking for leaks. If leaks occur, check the tightness of tubing and fittings.

Omnipure CL10RO-T33 Inline Water Filter specifications:

  • Dimensions: 2 inches x 10 inches
  • 1,500 gallon capacity 5,600 litres
  • Max. pressure: 125 PSIG
  • NSF certified
  • Made in the U.S.A

Replace cartridge when rated capacity (1,500 gallons/1 year) is reached or when flow rate drops

If you need Adapters: Straight AB-JG-14x14NPT-Straight,  Elbow:  ab-jg-14×14-elbow

To clarify: Ensure you put plumbers tape on the fittings and flush the filter before use.


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