Plumbed 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System


Undersink Purifier

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4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System-Watermark Certified. Stage 1: Polypropylene Spun Sediment Filter 5 Micron-Replace @ 6 Months. Removes silt, rust &, algae, sediment, scale particles, dirt & cloudiness. Stage 2: 100% Coconut Carbon Block Filter 5 Micron Replace @ 6 Months, Removes herbicides, pesticides, chlorine, chlorine bi-products & Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Protects the membrane. Stage 3: 50GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane 0.0001 Micron Replace Every 1-4 Years (Depending On Water Quality) Removes Over 98% or Impurities including Organic & Inorganic Minerals, Heavy Metals & Fluoride Stage 4: 1 Micron Purefer Inline GAC Filter Replace Every 12 Months


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