Plumbed 7 Stage Reverse Osmosis System


Undersink Purifier

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7 Stage Hydrogen-Rich Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System. High Alkaline Undersink. Kit Contains:  7 Stage Hydrogen Rich RO Water Filter System.  12L Storage Tank – Compliant to NSF/ANSI 42,  2m White Tubing,  2m Black Tubing,  2m Yellow Tubing,  2m Blue Tubing,  Tube Cutter, Thread Tape,  Opening Handle for Twin O-Ring Housings, Membrane Housing,  40mm Drain Saddle/Clamp – 50mm available (contact prior to purchase), Watermark Certified Pressure Limiting Valve, DM FIT Certified Self Locking Swivel Entry Tee (Water Inlet Valve), Certified Faucet Tap – Chrome Goose Neck w/ QC Faucet and Adaptor Fitting Kit


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