Plumbed 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System


Undersink Purifier


5 Stage High Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System. Watermark Certified. System Kit Contains –  4 Stage Watermark Certified RO System. Filters Included. 12L Storage Tank.  2m White Tubing.  2m Black Tubing.  2m Yellow Tubing.  2m Blue Tubing.  Tube Cutter.  Thread Tape. Stage 1: Polyspun Sediment Cartridge  Replace Every 6 Months-Stage 2: 100% Coconut Carbon Block Water Filter  Replace every 6 months-Stage 3: USA Made Reverse Osmosis Membrane  1-5 Year Life-Stage 4: Alk Cartridge  Replace every 12 Months (4,000L)-Stage 5: 100% Activated Coconut Carbon Filter  Replace every 12 Months

Additional information

Weight 10.3 kg
Dimensions 46 × 44 × 42 cm


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