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PolySpun NSF 5micron 10″x2.5″


PolySpun NSF 5micron 10″x2.5″- 5 Micron Nominal Gradient Sediment...

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PolySpun NSF 5micron 10″x2.5″- 5 Micron Nominal Gradient Sediment Filter.

NSF Certified Polypropylene Spun Sediment Filter – 10″ x 2.5″.

Does not hold bacteria as much as others, high flow-low pressure drop.

Use on high quality bore or town water or in front of RO’s.

100% Virgin Polypropylene material – NSF Certified.

As it is blown, the filter diameter gradually widens and the outer density of the filter decreases.

This gives Purifier filters a true Gradient Density that allows for a greater dirt holding capacity and higher filtration efficiency compared to standard melt blown filters.

PolySpun NSF 5micron 10″x2.5″ Specs

  • Max Temperature: 45C
  • Max Pressure: 125psi Manufactured in Taiwan
  • Replace : 6-12 months
  • 5 Micron Nominal Gradient Sediment Filter
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