Portable 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis System



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6 Stage Hydrogen-Rich Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System High Alkaline. The Alkaline Media is derived from Sub-Nanometer Calcium, Potassium and Pure Magnesium Mineral and provides superior High Alkaline stability.Stage 1: GAC Inline Carbon Cartridge replace every 6 months-Stage 2: USA Made Reverse Osmosis Membrane 1-5 Year Life. Stage 3: T300 Hydrogen-Rich Water Filter High Alkaline  Replace every 12 Months (4,000L)-Stage 4: Life Energy Ceramic (FAR Infrared)  Replace every 2 Years. Stage 5: 100% Activated Coconut Carbon Filter  Replace every 6- 12 Months.Stage 6: Magnetic Water Energizer (Never needs replacing)


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