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Quick Connect Flow Restrictor200


Quick Connect Flow Restrictor200 cc. Simply insert the flow restrictor into...

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Quick Connect Flow Restrictor200 with in-built quick connectors 1/4″ (for use in Reverse Osmosis Systems)

A Quick Connect Flow Restrictor200 is suitable for 1/4″ tubing.
Suitable for John Guest and other quick connect and compression fittings.
Delrin material for increased strength.
Clogging prevented by unique design.
Easily installed.

Capillary Flow Restrictors

Colour Flow Specification

Simply insert the flow restrictor into the inlet end of the tubing running to waste.
Flow restrictors must match the membrane for best membrane performance.

A Quick Connect Flow Restrictor200 is a gadget designed to limit the amount of liquid or gas, such as water or air, that comes out of a tap or other dispenser. These devices are often environmentally friendly, and can be helpful in lowering water bills.

Aquaboss generally use 50gpd Membranes with Green flow Restrictors
We also stock 200cc quick fit Flow restrictors and 1000cc Jaco restrictors

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