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RO Tank 20 Gallon/90L

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RO Tank 20 Gallon/90L (75L US)-Used with Reverse Osmosis systems as it stores...

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RO Tank 20 Gallon/90L (75L US)-Used with Reverse Osmosis systems as it stores the water it has filtered.

When water is accessed via a separate faucet on top of the bench sink. RO (reverse osmosis) stores the pure water ready for use and quietly and automatically produces pure water, and shut off when the tank is full.

Pure water is drawn from the RO Tank 20 Gallon/90L (75L US) storage tank when required. And then receives a final polish from the chemical reduction cartridge from the system, just prior to drinking.

In addition, depending on how many people reside in the home, we can change the size of the storage tank.

Above all, it produces only the best tasting, pure drinking water for your good health.

Storage tanks range from 5.5L (1.2GALLON, 4.5L US) up to 90L (20gallon, 75L US)

You can get spare parts for all systems including faucets, connectors, housing O-rings. Spanners, pressure limiting valves and much more here

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