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Thin Tube Cutter


Thin Tube Cutter – suit 1/4″ and 3/8″ water filter tubing...


Thin Tube Cutter – suit 1/4″ and 3/8″ water filter tubing. Ideally suited to water filtration tubing

Thin Tube Cutter is a useful handy tool for the plumber, tradie, or DIY handy man.

Modern connectors have rubber O-rings in them. If the tubing isn’t cut cleanly and it’s inserted into a quick connect fitting, there’s a good chance it could damage the internal O-ring of the fitting.

Simply a rough cut of the tubing could be responsible for the damage to the seal. Which can result in a decent amount of money worth of water damage to a new development home.

Don’t put your self in this situation. For a couple of dollars own a tube cutter and be guaranteed a clean cut every time!

Tube cutters are used in many, or even most plumbing jobs. But other industries use tube cutters a lot, as well. Besides producing a nice, clean cut, a tube cutter is faster and easier than using a hacksaw to cut tubing or pipes, dependent on the metal of the pipe.

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