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Twin 10″ Rainwater Undersink System with UV


Twin Undersink for Rain Water with UV .Improves taste, colour & odour of rain...

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Twin undersink for Rain Water with UV.

Improves taste, colour & odour of rain water . Reduces chlorine in mains water.
Silver helps prevent bacterial growth on carbon.
1 µm pleated sediment filter and granular carbon for low pressure drop

A UV water filter system treats micro-biologically unsafe water with germicidal ultraviolet light.
The UV wavelength scrambles the DNA of living organisms in the water, so they can no longer reproduce and make you sick.
If you drink bacteria-infested water, the organisms can embed in your digestive tract and replicate.
E-Coli is a common bacterium in tank water and is due mostly to Frogs in and around your tanks/catchment.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 38 × 30 × 33 cm

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