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Undersink Install kit


Undersink Install kit

Contains Detailed Instruction manual with pictures,...


Undersink Install kit

This kit suits Twin Undersink Water Filter Systems.
Great for replacing outdated components or for spare parts.

We do suggest a plumber to install your water filter and to do any replacing an any compartments.

This kit Contains:

  • Detailed Instruction manual with pictures
  • Easy to Use and easy installation
  • Durable plastic opening spanner
  • 2 Meters of 1/4″ white plastic tubing
  • A Roll of thick plumbers thread tape
  • 1 x 1/4″ Brass ball valve
  • A 500kpa Watermark certified PLV (pressure limiting valve)
  • 2 x 1/4″ elbow quick connectors

If you do require any further connectors/components for any reason, please let us know on 0436 270 000

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Under Sink Water Filter Mains systems range from single and twin under sink systems and many stages of reverse osmosis’s. We have some super deals on these Under Sink Water Filter Mains Systems. Some will remove dirt, rust and chlorine. Others will remove fluoride just like a reverse osmosis with NO water waste. You can change the filters to suit your needs.

Therefore give the team from Aquaboss Water Filters a call on 0436 270 000 or contact us if you need any assistance.
In addition, check out our blogssupport and general information

In conclusion, all of these systems will need a qualified plumber installed (we have some locals to assist at their price) as we don’t do installations. All of our prices are not including installation fees.

You can get spare parts for all systems including faucets, connectors, housing O-rings, spanners, pressure limiting valves and much more here

You can find us at the markets too

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