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Whole of house- Mains Special 20″x4.5″ Replacement Pack


Whole of house- Mains Special 20″ x 4.5″ Replacement Pack- includes...


Whole of house Water filter- Mains Special 20″x4.5″ Replacement Pack


  • 1x 5 micron Poly Sediment (will remove the dirt and rust) – Filter should last 4 to 6 months, maybe more, depends on water quality.
  • 1x 5 micron Granular Active Carbon filter (will remove chlorine)- Generally replace between 6 & 12 months – depends on quality of water.

You could also use a Pleated Sediment filter instead of the poly. Pleated sediments can be removed, flushed and reused a number of times before replacing.

This replacement pack is ideal on mains water 20″ x 4.5″ whole of house system. When we say whole of house, it literally filters the whole house. Includes bathrooms, laundry, and anywhere with a tap. You could also put a single under sink in the kitchen with a fluoride filter if you want to remove fluoride from the kitchen tap- the rest of the house will have chlorine, dirt and rust removed.

This replacement pack for the 20″x4.5″ system works best for 4 or more people residing in the house. We have the same system to suit 3 people or less here AB-BB-MAINSSPEC10x4.5

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