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Xsential X994- Billi series


Xsential X994- Billi series. Billi 99400x series compatible (none chip version)....

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Xsential X994- Billi series. Billi 99400x series compatible (none chip version)
To clarify, filters remove Sediment, Chlorine, Taste & Odour

  • 30,000 litres Capacity (Chlorine Reduction).
  • So Activated Carbon Media with minimal bonding agent to ensure high level chlorine & chemical adsorption.
  • Certainly 6-12months replacement time depending on water quality.

Standard Premium Filtration for all environments

Most importantly designed to fit into the older model of Billi boiler systems with 99400x series water filter.
The cartridge will work with any Billi boiler and chiller without any chip reader.

Quick Change Water Filters simplify this whole process by being designed in a way that eliminates the need to take out cartridges from their housing and deal with used filter media.

A quick-change cartridge is replaceable in its entirety without having to separate the cartridge from the filter housing.

This not only makes it easier to replace the cartridge, but you don’t need to deal with water spilling out or touching used filter media.

In addition, they’re affordable, easy to manipulate and offer a safe and clean filter changeover experience.

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