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Xsential XCM-2300 Water Filter


Xsential XCM-2300 Snap Seal Water Filter Substitute for SLC-230-1C. Reduces...

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Xsential XCM-2300 Water Filter– Snap Seal Substitute for SLC-230-1C

The Snap Seal Filter is a double action filter reduces Dirt, Sediment and Chemicals, Chlorine, Bad Tastes & Odours. Rated at 5 micron.

The SLC-230-1C Snap Seal Water Filter Substitute XCM-2300 will suit the following brands and systems, Snap Seal, SLC-230-1-REC-1, SLC-230-1C-REC1 or SLC-230-1-Rec1, Jayco RV water filter, 52007, GT4-69, BU0.5, Biopure, GCWF Series 1000, Freshly Squeezed Water, FCSL2, Snap lock, RVF0.5, JAYCORVWF, Clearwater QCB005 QVS2000D and some Parbury models. 28.10.0026, Aqua Cooler Z-8110

Capacity up 12 months, depending on water quality.

Xsential XCM-2300 Water Filter Specs

  • Nominal micron rating: 5
  • Min/Max pressure: 70-875kPa (non-shock)
  • Min/Max temperature: 2-38°C
  • Rated flow: 3.8 litres/minutes (1 gpm)

Caution: Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of with water of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. Systems certified for cyst reduction may be used on disinfected water that may contain filterable cysts.

Warning: for correct operation of this appliance it is essential to observe the manufacturer’s instructions.

Xsential XCM-2300 Water Filter- Replacing the cartridge

  1. 1. Turn off water supply
  2. 2. Grab the cartridge and turn anti-clockwise and pull downward
  3. 3. Push upward new cartridge and turn clockwise until stop
  4. 4. Flush the cartridge for 10 minutes after replacement before consumption

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