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Sediment Water Filters

Sediment Water Filters are usually either Poly Spun or Pleated sediment filters.

Sediment is a naturally occurring material that is broken down by processes of weathering and erosion. It is subsequently transported by the action of wind, water. Or ice or by the force of gravity acting on the particles. For example, sand and silt can be carried in suspension in river water and on reaching the sea bed deposited by sedimentation. If buried, they may eventually become sandstone and siltstone (sedimentary rocks) through lithification.

Poly Spun Water Filter

In short, the impurities in a supply of water have to travel through the layers of a poly spun filter. This gives the filter more opportunity to collect and capture various contaminants. In fact, many of the polypropylene water filters in our selection. Collect both large and small contaminant particles. More for mains connected water.

Pleated Sediment Water filters:

Pleated polyester cloth cartridge with a large surface area gives them excellent flow rates and service life. Simply clean filter when flow starts to slow or filtration starts to drop. More for tank water/bore water.

Their filtration capability removes dirt, rust and sediment from water while providing an increased surface area and longer life.

  • Polypropylene filter for removal of sand, silt, dirt and rust particles. For water use only.
  • Pleated style for large surface area. Therefore, Greater Flow Rate
  • Ideal for pre-filtration in high sediment applications
  • 100% Pleated Polyester Washable Material
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