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Standalone and Mains Chillers

Standalone and Mains Chillers are designed for use with Single, Twin and Reverse Osmosis water filter purification systems. There are portable chillers too. Some can be conveniently installed under a sink or bench or anywhere that suits. Suitable for domestic or small office applications.

Standalone and Mains Chillers enable any drinking station to supply chilled refreshing water anytime.

Portable chillers need to refilled when needed. Cost effective and produce great tasting water! These systems are preferred compared to buying bottles of water. Just fill with tap water, the water is then filtered and chilled.

The mains connected chillers are perfect for space saving. You can hide them away.

All of the main systems will need a qualified plumber installed (we have some locals to assist at their price) because we don’t do installations. Also our prices are not including installation fees. The portable chillers you can do yourself.

Give us a call on 0436 270 000 and ask about your options now.

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