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Specialty Water Filters

Specialty Water Filters include certain filters for specific filtration. They range from inline water filters, chloramine filters. Resin filters, bath bombs to purifier filters. If you don’t see your Specialty Water Filters on our website. Please contact us on 0436 270 000.

A water filter removes impurities by lowering contamination of water using a fine physical barrier, a chemical process. Or a biological process. Filters clean the water to different extents for purposes such as accessible drinking water. They also can remove lead, fluoride, chlorine. Chloramine, minerals to many other nasties and bacteria in the water.

On the other hand, if you are unsure of what to remove. You can always get your water tested and that way you will know. Usually done by the council.

In addition, Aquaboss Water Filters has an extensive range of water filtration equipment, filter cartridges and fittings to suit the numerous scenarios of the water filtration industry. If it is in stock , we will endeavour to have your order shipped out within the day after your order is placed.

Therefore give the team from Aquaboss Water Filters a call on 0436 270 000 or contact us if you need any assistance.
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300g Refill Caravan Filter

300g Refill pack for Silver Carbon Caravan Filter. Contains SILVER STABILIZING...

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Aquaport Replacement Filters - 3 Pack

Aquaport – 3 Pack cartridges Granule activated carbon and ion exchange...

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Bag of Resin refill

Bag of Resin refill 350g Tulsion

Refill for DI Resin Inline Filter 10″x2.5″...

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Bath Ball 3000 Refill replaces the Crystal Ball Bath Bomb for a healthier, more...

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Caravan Inline Water Filter

Provides 5 micron filtration. Simple to Use. Easy to Adapt
Contains Silver Stabilizing...

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Chloramine Reduction Filter 0.5 Micron 10"x2.5"

Chloramine Reduction filters are 100% coconut carbon block filters which are...

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De-Ionising MixedBed Resin Cartridge

De-Ionising MixedBed Resin Cartridge is used as a Post RO final filter, will leave...

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DI Resin Inline Filter
DI Resin Inline Filter when used as a Post RO final filter, will leave the mineral...
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Everpure Generic Coffee Filter

Everpure Generic Coffee Filter– replaces Everpure cartridges including (EV959206)...

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Gravity Flow Carbon Impregnated

Gravity Flow Carbon Impregnated BB 20″ x 4.5″. 10 Micron. Odour...

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Inline 1micron Carbon Filter

Inline 1micron Carbon Filter 10″ x 2″- (no connectors included)....

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Alkaliser Antioxidant cartridge. 11″ x 2.5″.Connects easily...

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10″ x 2″ Inline Carbon Filter with inbuilt connectors

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AIC-10CK 10″ x 2″ Inline. 226g KDF55 GAC

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