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Silver GAC Carbon 20″x4.5″ water filter


Silver GAC Carbon 20″x4.5″ water filter. Silver-impregnated...

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Silver GAC Carbon 20″x4.5″ water filter. Silver-impregnated carbon inhibits bacteria growth. Ideal for rainwater. Chlorine reduction for chemically dosed water. Low pressure drop

The unique raw material of the coconut shell and the carbon manufacturing process ensures exceptional hardness and low ash content. Acid wash ash below 2%, silver content 001% min

Silver has been used since ancient times to prevent spoilage of water. In these filters it prevents bacterial growth in the fine cracks of the activated carbon to ensure the carbon stays effective for taste, odour and colour reduction in un-chlorinated water supplies.

Therefore Silver GAC Carbon 20″x4.5″ water filters are perfect for tank water or bore water.

Unlike standard GAC carbon, silver impregnated carbon filters stop the growth of bacteria in the filter cartridge. Ideal for situations where you need a higher flow rate or have low water pressure. GAC will also reduce Chlorine, Chemicals, Bad Taste and Odours for cleaner, healthier, great tasting water.

  • Temperature: 4.4- 48°C
  • Capacity: 1650g
  • Flow Rate: 56 Litres per minute

Most importantly, the Filtration Process:

When a cell of bacteria is absorbed into the carbon’s structure, it comes into contact with silver ions. The sulphurhydryl group already within the bacterial cell reacts with the silver, producing a silver sulfur complex. The complex immobilizes the respiratory activity of the bacterial cell by preventing the transfer of hydrogen and an oxidative reaction. The cell cannot reproduce and dies, reducing the risk of gastro illness by ingesting bacteria.

In addition

  • Several factors need to be considered when recommending silver impregnated carbon for use in bacteriostatic filters.
  • Coconut Carbon is one of the best base materials
  • Coconut Carbon provides a much higher volume of micropores than coal, wood or lignite based carbon.
  • More effective removal of trihalomethanes (THM’s) from municipal water supplies.
  • The larger surface area provides a more effective method of filtering common contaminates such as chlorine and chloramines.

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