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Benchtop Spout Elbow


Benchtop Spout Elbow- Chrome with 1/4″ thread used to support the spout...

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Benchtop Spout Elbow- Chrome

  • Countertop Outlet (OUT) elbow with 1/4″ thread used to support the spout
  • suits most standard housings that have 1/4″ thread. 90 degrees.

Ensure sufficient Plumbing tape is applied to thread before installing usually about 8-10 times around it, otherwise you’ll potentially get water leaks. If you go have water leaks, check out our water leaks tips and if you have further problems, please contact us.

We have a range of benchtop parts too if need be. From the base, to the spouts and all the little connectors too.

These are suitable for Benchtop units and connects the spout to the filter housing. Convenient great tasting water “On Tap” in your own kitchen so you will never need to boil your drinking water or buy bottled drinking water ever again.

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